ReProp Financial makes residential loans for the purchase or refinance of single family or multi-family Non-Owner Occupied homes.


ReProp Financial makes commercial loans for the purchase or refinance of retail, office, mixed-use, light industrial, and many other property types.


ReProp Financial makes construction loans for custom or spec homes, multi-family, and many commercial property types.
ReProp Financial is a leading specialty finance company that offers residential and commercial loans for our clients and has done so for over 43 years. As a private money lender licensed and organized in the state of California, we provide direct funding for individuals and companies in California, Washington, Oregon, Arizona, Idaho, and the surrounding states.

Best for Best 8.99%*

  • • 12 Month Term
  • • Max Loan amount $2MM

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  • • Up to 60 months
  • • Interest Only

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Long Term Financing

  • • Up to 15 Year Fully Amortizing
  • • 20 Year Am with Balloon in 10
We specialize in providing the most practical commercial real estate as an alternative lending solution for a wide range of circumstances, allowing you to enjoy the residential or commercial real estate financing options most suited to your needs. Because we are an alternative lender, we can offer optimal flexibility for your business operations and can provide you with financing even when other lending institutions are unable to help. Rest assured that we are the bank, we make all lending decisions and will service your needs throughout the entire life cycle of your loan with us.

Our Mission

When it comes to our mission, ReProp Financial is committed to funding underserved commercial real estate markets and to providing the best and most practical solutions for clients throughout the western United States. We work with brokers, banks, business owners and individual investors to deliver alternative lending solutions for our clients. Because we work directly with our borrowers, the ReProp Financial team can tailor each loan to the specific needs of our clients.

Our Team Leaders

Our team, led by Glenn Goldan, is committed to providing you with the most comprehensive services for financing commercial and selected residential real estate acquisitions. The experts at ReProp Financial will work with you to determine the right approach for your needs. We use private money to fund operations, which allows you to enjoy the greatest possible flexibility when acquiring loans for purchasing property, planning construction projects or renovating your current business premises or properties. ReProp Financial also works with brokers and bankers throughout the western half of the United States to provide alternatives to traditional loans for clients who require our services.

Glenn G. Goldan

Glenn G. Goldan

Founder & CEO

Allen Hoy

Allen Hoy

Loan Servicing

Doug Hoff

Doug Hoff

Branch Manager

David Tyson

David Tyson

Fund Manager

Davin Bowerman

Loan Operations

Because we are a direct lender, we can work with you and your business to streamline the process and put funding in your hands more quickly. This allows ReProp Financial to deliver the best solutions for a wide array of business lending needs. We offer commercial loans to provide you with the funding you need to achieve your goals.


The best part of working with ReProp is they got it done and the loan closed. I wouldn’t recommend any changes to their process.

– Paul G. – 

We are very pleased with the exceptional service ReProp has provided us. Dane, Davin and everyone at ReProp are very knowledgeable and super professional. Our family highly recommends ReProp as a go-to source for your financial questions, and prospective plans.

– Karina W. – 

I have worked with several Real Estate lenders. ReProp went above and beyond. Providing exceptional service through the terms. True to the terms, and performed as all business should.

– Jacob W. – 

ReProp Financial funded my project quickly. Thanks to their straight dealing and simple documentation, my construction firm completed six new housing units before the weather turned wet.

– Cory L. – 

“We’ve been a very satisfied investor since 1996. Our tax accountant was so impressed with our returns that he too became an investor. Questions are encouraged, welcomed and promptly answered with the utmost transparency. The ReProp team is professional and talented and invested along with you. I recommend them without reservation

– Tracey W. – 

ReProp Financial has been amazing. We couldn’t have broken ground on Bigfoot Taproom without ReProp’s exceptional guidance in putting our loan together. (Coupled with SBA financing through the Arcata Economic Development Corporation.) Now we can focus on dispensing delicious brews to our customers. Overall a fantastic experience.

– Ray N. – 

“I have been using ReProp for over a year now and I am so impressed with their services. They make investing in commercial real estate easy and stress-free. Their communication is always open and clear, the returns are reliable, and the investments are safe. The loan-to-value ratio is low, providing high equity safety on investments. ReProp has made investing in commercial real estate a breeze!

– Gil F. – 

“ReProp was easy to work with! Dane was communicative and got it done quickly and painlessly. I’ll absolutely consider them for the next one

– Hanna J. – 

“If you are in the real estate business and looking for a financial institution that can close your Real Estate transaction when you need, then ReProp Financil is your premium lender. They are extremely professional and aware of the aspects of financing real estate purchases; a great team that makes great things happen! Extremely grateful for all the transactions I closed and will always go back. More Power to ReProp!!”

– Moe A. – 

“ReProp is a great community partner. We refer business to one another, and they always take extraordinary care of their customers. They offer creative financing structures, follow through with commitments and fund quickly.”

– Tammy B. – 

“Once again, thank you for such a brilliant and thorough presentation of who ReProp is currently AND historically… man you don’t miss ANY details, what a track record. A specialty finance lender indeed. As always, learned a bunch of new distinctions about finance and how you work, leaving nothing to chance. You guys have been around the block. I’m all in!!”

– Michael C. – 

“I couldn’t be happier Investing with ReProp Financial. The team is fantastic & have consistently outperformed even my high expectations. It’s a privilege to be involved with this well run organization. They have definitely earned my trust.”

– Mark P. – 

“I had the opportunity to work with ReProp for my real estate investment needs. Dane and his team are very professional, responsive, and great to work with!!! I look forward to work with them again and highly recommend Dane and his associates.”

– Tri N. – 

“WOW! What a wonderful team. ReProp has been so good to us for many years. Their incredible expertise makes us feel safe and secure, the are always grateful and professional. They inspire TRUST.”

– Cici H. – 

“Glenn, Dane and the gang at ReProp are true professionals and a breath of fresh air in the lending industry. They provided a quick term sheet and in a very short time approved our loan and honored their terms. We received personal communication from the principals and were readily available yo answer any questions and help the process to move forward. We’re looking forward to a long term working relationship with ReProp and many more loans.”

– Dan K. – 

“Dane at ReProp Financial has been amazing to deal with. He has helped several of my real estate clients get loans. ReProp is professional, knowledgable and easy to work with. I highly recommend using them.”

– Somer W. – 

“I have been an investor with ReProp Financial for nearly a decade and I have nothing but high praise for the company. I have placed my trust, and my money, with ReProp Financial and they continue to perform to and exceed my expectations.”

– Steven B. – 

“We’ve worked with ReProp since 2011 and they’re one of the best private lenders on the West Coast. We always think of ReProp for high-quality borrowers who cannot obtain bank financing at the moment. ReProp is a great private lending source for strong borrowers who find themselves in a temporary position where they cannot qualify for a bank loan.”

– Ted S. – 

The Services We Provide

At ReProp Financial, we have been serving the financial needs of commercial and residential clients since 1986. We offer a range of private money lending services tailor-made to suit your needs:


Private money loans for purchasing or refinancing non-owner occupied single-family homes or multi-family residential buildings


Commercial real estate loans for the purchase or refinance of properties that include mixed-use buildings, multi-family residential complexes, light industrial facilities, retail stores, office spaces and other property types.


Construction loans for spec or custom homes, multi-family complexes and any other commercial property.

Our team will work with you to determine the residential or business lending arrangements best suited to your situation. We can provide you with alternative lending options that will provide the right support for your financial needs.

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Residential Lending Arrangements

ReProp Financial offers the best alternative lending options for individuals and families in the western states. We can provide you with the residential loans needed to acquire single-family or multi-family properties that you do not intend to occupy. These properties can provide you with additional income streams and can deliver the best options for your financial situation.

Our Commercial Real Estate Loans

At ReProp Financial, we deliver the best commercial real estate loans for a wide range of commercial real estate acquisition and refinances done to the acquisition or refinance of your single family rental property. Our alternative lending arrangements can be used for light industrial buildings, hotels and motels, agricultural facilities, multi-family, and single-family residential rental properties, nursing facilities, office buildings, retail stores, and many other commercial real estate acquisitions. We can also provide alternative lending options for renovating existing properties and upgrading your facilities to suit your current and future business lending needs.

Commercial Construction Loans From ReProp Financial

Construction financing requires careful attention to detail and a fair degree of flexibility to ensure the best possible results. At ReProp Financial, we strive to provide you with solutions tailor-made to suit your needs.
Our commercial construction loans are structured to focus on the end results of your project:

  • The sale or lease of the property after construction is complete
  • The use to which you intend to put the property
  • The likely profitability you can expect to achieve from your real estate acquisition or renovation

Because we are a private money lender rather than a banking institution, we can offer the greatest flexibility for your commercial loans. This can allow you to access funding for fix-and-flip arrangements and to leverage currently owned properties to make new acquisitions in the real estate market. ReProp Financial can make it much easier to manage your funding needs now and in the future.

ReProp Financial will perform all the necessary due diligence to determine whether you qualify for a construction loan and to structure your loan in the best way to suit your requirements. Our lending team will then arrange for a comprehensive review of the schedule, materials, contractors, and costs associated with your building project to determine if your plans are practical and will produce the results you want and need.

If everything is in order, we will create a customized loan offer that incorporates the findings of our team and your requested loan amount. This will ensure the highest chance of success for you and your building plans. ReProp Financial is committed to providing you with the best options for your situation. We strive to be the most reliable partner for all your current and future commercial construction lending needs.

Added Help for Cannabis-Related Businesses

Especially in the western states, the cannabis industry offers significant opportunities for investors and entrepreneurs. Finding the right funding is critical to your ability to enter this marketplace successfully and take advantage of the current demand for cannabis products in the consumer marketplace. At ReProp Financial, our team will go above and beyond to help you acquire the right funding for your investments or acquisitions. We specialize in offering the alternative loans you need to succeed in this emerging field and network our borrower’s together when we see a good fit.

Most lending institutions are unable to provide funding for the acquisition or renovation of buildings and properties used in the production, manufacture or sale of cannabis products. Due to the lack of financing from traditional sources, Borrowers must look at alternative sources for funding and we are the only lender known to fund fully amortized, long-term loans to the industry when that is the best fit for our borrowers. ReProp is recognized by the industry as the leading small balance cannabis lending in the West and has been asked to speak on lending to the industry throughout the last 5 years by both the canna and finance industries.

Especially in the western states, the cannabis industry offers significant opportunities for investors and entrepreneurs. Finding the right funding is critical to your ability to enter this marketplace successfully and take advantage of the current demand for cannabis products in the consumer marketplace. At ReProp Financial, our team will go above and beyond to help you acquire the right funding for your investments or acquisitions. We specialize in offering the alternative loans you need to succeed in this emerging field and network our borrower’s together when we see a good fit.

Small Business Administration Lending Options

The experts at ReProp Financial can provide you with the support you need to access the Small Business Administration (SBA) 504 Loan Program. This program is designed specifically to help small business owners obtain long-term and fixed-rate financing for commercial real estate acquisitions. We are a qualified source for these commercial loans for real estate and can help you navigate the process more successfully.

SBA 504 loans are available for borrowers who meet a few simple criteria:

  • The annual net income of your business for the past two years must not exceed $2.5 million after taxes.
  • The tangible net worth of your business must not exceed $7.5 million.
  • Your business must be owner-operated for profit and must plan to occupy 50 percent or more of the property you occupy or to be acquired.
We structure your loans in collaboration with SBA to allow you to access 50 percent of the necessary commercial real estate financing through ReProp Financial and to obtain up to 40 percent of your financing from SBA. You will be responsible for the remaining funding needed for your project.

SBA 504 loans can be used to purchase existing buildings, to construct new buildings or to renovate and remodel your current commercial properties. The funding obtained through these commercial lending arrangements can also be used toward the purchase of long-term equipment and other fixed assets for use in your business operations.

At ReProp Financial, we are pleased to offer SBA 504 lending options for businesses throughout the western half of the U.S. Our team will work with you to determine the most appropriate options for your situation and to help you to navigate the extensive paperwork and documentation required for these federally-backed loans.

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