We Buy Notes

ReProp purchases owner-financed, privately held, real estate notes and other types of first lien real estate secured notes. We are a direct buyer of real estate notes thus eliminating broker fees and allowing you to receive the maximum cash offer for privately held real estate notes.

We buy real estate notes, trust deeds, contract for deed, land contracts, privately held mortgage or other real estate collateralized notes. If you are receiving payments from the sale of residential or commercial real estate and are ready to sell your note, then contact us today.

Don’t want to sell the entire note or just want a loan on a portion of the note? We can do that too.
Find out what your note is worth, try our free on-line quote. The value of the note depends on several factors, including: type of property, the position of the note and the payers’ credit. After the sale of your note, ReProp assumes the responsibility for servicing the note freeing you from any further obligation.

Reprop really saved me some money
I thought I needed to sell the loan I created when I sold my investment property. I not only got a fair offer for my loan, but ReProp warned me of the capital gains tax I might have to pay if a sold the whole thing. They recommended another alternative that really saved me some money although I doubt if is was the most profitable thing for ReProp to do. They suggested that borrow against my loan. ReProp gave me a cash in exchange for some of my future payments. In this way, I get to keep the investment and will receive all the benefits once I have repaid ReProp.”
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