Looking to untrap the equity in your coastal property? If you bring your best to the table, we’ll bring our best rates.

“Our Best for Your Best” lets you untrap the equity you’ve put into your best coastal properties. We can offer loans up to $1 million, but this is perfect if you need a smaller loan too. Loans can be made on up to 50 percent of the asset’s value.

But what kind of coastal properties are we looking for as collateral?  We’re looking for Class “A” properties in these select coastal markets. Commercial (retail, office, mixed use and multi-family) and Non Owner-Occupied residential properties that you own in these counties:

  • San Diego
  • Los Angeles
  • Ventura
  • South Santa Barbara
  • Marin
  • South Sonoma
  • Metro areas of Seattle
  • Metro areas of Portland

Why these locations? Coastal properties recently bought from banks and in short sales were popular as investments, as prices were low. The areas listed above are real estate markets that we know are on the rise. This is possibly the lowest rate ever offered on a wholesale basis in private money lending, also called “hard money.”

The rate schedule is 5.99% in year one, 6.99% in year two and three. There is also an optional ability to roll the loan into a 15-year fully-amortized loan. Many banks are failing to serve commercial property owners who could use the equity they have in these properties to invest in other commercial real estate.

We have seen that many who own smaller commercial properties can’t find reasonably priced loans and therefore cannot reinvest in other properties – that’s why we created this loan program. We’ve been running “Our Best for Your Best” for about a month, and we’ve already received a fantastic response. Check out our homepage for more details on our limited time loan program.

“Our Best For Your Best” offer is a test loan program, and the terms of the program may be changed or withdrawn at any time. However, if Reprop Financial quotes a loan, we will live with what was quoted — no last minute changes.




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