Affiliate Spotlight

Sponsored by: The Humboldt Association of Realtors
Reprop Financial’s Glenn Goldan was in the Spotlight.

What services do you provide

We are the largest provider of private money “business purpose” real estate capital in Northern California. More importantly, we are the lowest cost alternative to institutional bank financing in all of California. Please check out our recent success stories to compare We fund loans in CA, OR & WA and soon to open an office in AZ.

What are your goals for the future

While we could not survive on “local sales,” this is a local business that will continue to scale up and employ locally. However we’d like you to know that we are open for business locally and would love to discuss your client’s needs.

Did anyone help or encourage you to enter the line of work you are in

Yes, my retiring real estate investors who were 20 – 30 years my senior and wanted out of the “equity” side of investing and into the more passive side of real estate “debt” investing. Most of you don’t know that at one time ReProp Investments, Inc. (parent of ReProp Financial) owned and operated 5 Century 21 offices locally and in Lake Tahoe as well as 2 property management companies. Late in the ’80’s some of our investment clients encouraged us to open ReProp Financial. It was not until the late ’90’s when we sold off the remaining property management company (to Ted Loring) and remaining real estate brokerage, that we began scaling up ReProp Financial.

What makes your job so rewarding to you

We help so many commercial real estate owners and businesses obtain financing to fund their projects that ordinary would not get done. One of our most satisfying local projects was the Arcata Theater redevelopment project now housing a very successful multipurpose venue that no one else could finance. We couldn’t have done it without the help of the three other lending partners we brought to the deal being the SBA, AEDC and the City of Arcata. Five years later, Brian and Lara Cox are leaving us for institutional bank financing and while we will miss them as borrowers, we say mission accomplished!

What are some of your hobbies or favorite pastimes

Biking, flying fishing and being with family who now have young ones of their own which keeps my wife Shelle and I young. I also donate much time to my industry having served as the first president of the California Mortgage Association some 15 year ago and remain on the Board of Directors and lecture quarterly on educational topics of interest to the industry. I also served you on various committees locally and on the state level and as a young pup, was your Board President in 1984.

If married, spouses name


How many years have you been married

20 years in October

Children (Names)

Jesh and Hannah

Name of someone you greatly appreciate or admire

The late Jim Arnot who taught me business ethics.

Do you belong to any service groups or organizations


What’s the name of the service groups and organizations

California Mortgage Association, HAR and others

Tell us something that few people know about you

In my twenties I operated quite a few real estate offices and managed quite a few independent contractors and employees and I lied about my age for fear I won’t be taken seriously.

Business quote or tip for Real Estate agents

The following is one of ReProp Financial’s two core values and embodying it has helped me and ReProp Financial grow. It is the way we behave with the service providers around us, whether it be escrow/title or our investors and bankers. Take this to heart and I promise you success:
To Our Strategic Partners:
We will strive to be your best customer. We cannot be ReProp without you, and we value a mutually enriching relationship that cares for your concerns as well as ours.

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