Independent commercial real estate (CRE) lenders offer some real benefits for business owners looking for greater flexibility in their financing arrangements. Understanding the positive aspects of working with CRE lenders can ensure the best outcomes for your real estate acquisitions and can provide you with added options for funding your next investment. Here are five of the most important benefits of choosing independent lenders for your CRE investments.

Increased Tolerance for Risk


 Independent and alternative lenders who specialize in CRE loans can typically assume a greater degree of risk as to the sole decision-makers about your loan application. In some cases, they may be willing to consider non-standard collateral to secure your loan, which can sometimes qualify you for a larger loan or more favorable terms on your real estate lending arrangement. By exploring your options with independent lenders, you can often achieve the best possible solutions for your financial needs.

Reduced Paperwork

Alternative and independent lenders typically offer streamlined application processes that can reduce the amount of paperwork needed for qualification. By working with independent CRE lenders, you can lower your stress levels along with the number of documents you will need to provide to your lender. Alternative lenders will often look at your collateral and your ability to pay more closely than your past history or lack of history in the business credit arena.

Improved Chance of Approval


Because independent lenders have greater autonomy when making decisions about which loans to approve, they are a great choice if you have been turned down for loans by traditional lending sources in the past. Alternative lenders are often motivated to make CRE loans to companies or investors who have a solid business plan and adequate collateral to back up their loan applications. By investigating your options in the alternative lending marketplace, you can typically acquire the funding you need more easily than through other channels.

Loans for Cannabis Businesses

Finding funding for properties intended for use in growing, manufacturing, processing or selling cannabis products is significantly more challenging than other types of loans. Traditional lenders are unable to fund CRE loans for these properties because of federal laws still on the books against cannabis. Alternative lenders are your best bet for acquiring the funding for commercial properties intended for use in this fast-growing industry. These lenders are able to provide CRE loans for a wide range of needs, including cannabis-related retail and processing activities.

Faster Processing for Your Loan


One of the biggest advantages of independent CRE lenders is their ability to move quickly in addressing your loan application. Because these lending companies do not have to answer to any other agencies or authorities, they can streamline the application and approval process to ensure that you receive the funds you need for your real estate acquisitions. This can result in faster processing for your loan and rapid disbursement for your funds, which can help you to take advantage of opportunities in the real estate marketplace to achieve greater profitability for your investments.

Independent lenders can sometimes provide the most practical solutions for your lending needs. By including these lending options in your overall plan, you can enjoy the widest array of choices when obtaining loans for your CRE acquisitions.

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