Reprop Financial 30 years

ReProp Financial has been a private money lender for over 36 years.

Established in Eureka, California, ReProp Financial continues to create success stories for businesses requiring a commercial, industrial or agricultural loan and we work with you to make the best long-term financing plan for your individual situation.

Meeting Client Needs

Cash Out Loan as Long-Term Financing OptionA borrower reached out to ReProp Financial for a cash-out loan and received an offer that best fit their long-term needs. The loan saved them money in the long run, as they did not need to continue to pay refinancing fees every few years as with a typical loan. ReProp Financial provided the borrower with a loan of $350,000 with a 15-year fully amortized loan. ReProp Financial funded this loan quickly and efficiently with no more balloon payments.

Financing for approved clients ranges from $100,000 to $2,500,000 in many western states. ReProp Financial owner and CEO, Glenn Goldan, has extensive knowledge and a long history in real estate and is ready to answer all of your financing questions. To submit a loan or learn more information, please or call (800) 444-2948.

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