Reprop Financial 30 years

ReProp Financial has been a private money lender for over 36 years.

In a continuing campaign of success stories, ReProp Financial would like to showcase a new success story out of Northern California.

Meeting Clients Needs:

A real estate investor needed a renovation loan for one of her rental properties. ReProp Financial underwrote the borrower’s ability to manage the renovation which did not require her to hire a general contractor like in a typical renovation. The loan amount totaled to $160,000 on a 12-month loan term set rate of 9.99%. Once the renovations are complete, the borrower will exit the loan with bank financing.

Rehab for Rental in Northern California

ReProp Financial founder and CEO, Glenn Goldan, is always ready to help. From the agency, brokerage, and property management to development, legislative reform, and consulting, he has extensive knowledge in the field. To submit a loan or learn more information, please visit

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