Finding the right commercial real estate loans can be a real challenge, especially for novices to these complicated financial arrangements. If you are looking for funding for your commercial acquisition, choosing the right lender and the right loan can make a real difference in the amount you pay and the availability of funding for your commercial real estate lending needs.
Traditional loans may not be the right answer for your business.
Commercial loans obtained from a traditional lender may not provide you with the flexibility you need to capitalize on opportunities in the modern lending environment. Some of the most important advantages of alternative commercial lending options include the following:

Reduced paperwork

Development loans are a solid choice for new construction and extensive renovation. These loans are available for Reduced paperwork and documentation requirements to qualify for these loans.

Faster Processing

Increased speed of processing that can help you get your funds more quickly

Ability To Customize

The ability to customize your loan to suit the needs of your business

Advanced Technologies

Advanced technologies to streamline the entire process

Easier Qualification Terms

Easier qualification terms that can make alternative mortgages more accessible and affordable than traditional arrangements
Alternative loans can provide added avenues of financing even if you have been turned down for bank loans in the past. This can occur because of limited credit history, inconsistent cash flow or other factors that could make you appear to be a higher risk to traditional financial institutions.
Alternative commercial real estate lending could be the ideal solution for your funding needs.
If you are currently doing business in the state of Oregon, you can access a number of different types of alternative commercial loans. Depending on your requirements, you may want to consider these options:

Private Money Loans

Private money loans generally feature somewhat higher interest rates than their traditional counterparts and are often used as bridge loans to remedy cash flow problems in the acquisition of a commercial property. These loans typically come from private investors or investment groups and allow for a higher tolerance to risk with a higher potential reward.

Short-Term Construction Loans

Short-term construction loans are designed to provide financial support throughout the building process. These loans can be used for new facilities or renovations to your existing commercial properties.

Hard Money Loans

Hard money loans are similar to traditional mortgages in that they use a property as collateral. Because these financial arrangements are obtained through private lenders, the interest rates for hard money loans are usually higher than traditional commercial loans.

Asset-Based Loans

Asset-based loans use properties or equipment already owned by your company as collateral. These loans can allow you to leverage your current holdings to expand and acquire new real estate properties.

Development Loans

Development loans are designed for use by construction firms and commercial property developers. The funds received from these loan arrangements can be used for all types of improvements to the property, including the construction of parking lots and the installation of lighting or utilities.
Success Stories In Oregon

Light Industrial Debt Consolidation in Portland, OR

  • Loan Amount * $250,000
  • Collateral Valuation: * $1,120,000
  • Term * 15 months, First Lien, Amortizing
  • Rate * 10.49% (Prime+5.74% margin)

Vacation Rental Purchase in Jackson County, OR

  • Loan Amount * $198,000
  • Rate * 8.99%
  • Appraised * $330,000
  • Term * 24 months, IO
  • Lien Position * First

Light Industrial Building in Salem, OR

  • Structure:1st Lien for 36 months, interest only.
  • Funded: 2019 1st Quarter
  • Loan Amount: $1,900,000
  • Value: $4,100,000

Small Farm in Washington County, OR

  • Loan Amount * $306,000
  • Rate * 12.39%
  • Appraised Value * $619,000
  • Term * 15 yrs
  • Lien Position * First

Agriculture Refinance West of Portland, Oregon

  • Loan Amount: $400,000
  • Rate: 10.25% Adjustable
  • Value: $700,000
  • Term:15 Year Ammortizing
  • Lien Position: First


  • Loan Amount * $1,500,000.00
  • Rate * 11.89%
  • Appraised Value * $2,750,000
  • Term * 10 years, IO then Amortizing
  • Lien Position * First


  • Loan Amount: * $225,000.00
  • Rate: * 11.00%
  • Appraisal Value: * $375,000
  • Term: * 10 Year Fully Amortizing
  • Lien Position: * First

Investment Purchase in Hood River County, OR

  • Loan Amount: $315,000.00
  • Rate: 9.25%
  • Appraisal Value: $525,000
  • Term: 24 months, IO
  • Lien Position: First

Multnomah County, OR Warehouse

  • Loan Amount * $1,000,000.00
  • Rate * 8.99%
  • Combined Appraised Value * $1,935,000.00
  • Term * 60 months
  • Lien Position * First

Distressed Commercial Purchase in Portland, OR

  • Loan Amount: $465,000
  • Rate: 9.50%
  • Appraisal Value: $775,000
  • Term: 180 months
  • Lien Position: First

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These commercial real estate lending arrangements can provide added flexibility in managing the financial needs of your company through helping you to obtain the funding you need to grow your business.
Why should you work with a professional?
Enlisting the help of a company that specializes in finding alternative commercial real estate lending solutions, like opens in a new windowReProp Financial, can help you find the right solutions in this fast-paced and ever-changing financial field. This can help ensure that your company achieves the results you want on the best terms possible. Some of the most important benefits include the following:
By seeking the help of an experienced commercial real estate financing company, you can improve your overall financial situation while acquiring the properties you need to expand and grow your business.

Guidance and Support

Guidance and support throughout the application and approval process

Fast and Accurate

Fast and accurate filing of necessary paperwork and documentation

Wider Funding Options

Access to a wider range of funding options and commercial real estate loans

More Bargaining Power

Increased bargaining power when setting loan terms and discussing options

Peace of Mind

Added peace of mind and confidence when seeking commercial mortgage loans

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Can you afford not to explore all your options?
Failure to obtain the commercial mortgage loans you need to acquire new properties can cost more than just time and effort. Growth and expansion are absolutely critical to building revenue streams, ensuring future profitability and securing the future of your Oregon business. ReProp Financial can help with solutions tailored to your precise set of needs. opens in a new windowContact us today to learn more about your options in the alternative real estate lending field. We look forward to the opportunity to work with you.
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