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Do you need cost-effective and practical commercial real estate lending solutions in the state of Washington?

You have many options when looking for commercial loans for the acquisition or renovation of properties in the Seattle metropolitan area, Tri-Cities, Spokane or any other location in Washington State. Taking the time to perform some basic research can provide you with the information you need to choose the right commercial real estate loans in our area. This can help you to obtain the most favorable terms and the lowest rates for these loans.

Alternative commercial real estate loans may be right for you.

Traditional lenders typically enforce strict requirements and offer consistent terms for their commercial loans. By considering the services offered by alternative lenders, you can enjoy greater flexibility and speed of processing, which can be critical to your ongoing success in the fast-paced commercial real estate marketplace. The lending options offered by alternative lenders in Washington include the following loan types:

Development Loans

Development loans are a solid choice for new construction and extensive renovation. These loans are available for construction companies and developers in Washington and offer optimal flexibility for financing renovations and new construction.

Short-Term Construction Loans

Short-term construction loans, sometimes referred to as bridge loans, are used to cover expenses and manage costs during the period between the start of construction and the sale of the finished property. These loans are designed to provide added support for cash flow issues.

The right commercial real estate lending arrangements can make a big difference in your profitability and can give you a competitive edge in the investment marketplace.

Hard Money Lending

Hard money lending arrangements are usually structured in a similar fashion as traditional commercial real estate lending options. You may be able to qualify for a hard money loan even if you have had substantial credit problems in the past, which can make it much easier to obtain the funding you need for your next project.

Private Money Loans

opens in a new windowPrivate money loans, as their name suggests, come from private investment groups or individual investors. They are usually structured as bridge loans to provide financial support and cash flow flexibility during construction projects, acquisitions and renovations in the state of Washington.

Collateralized or Asset-Based Loans

Collateralized or asset-based loans allow you to leverage the equity in properties or assets you already own to finance new property acquisitions or to improve your existing real estate holdings.

Alternative lenders can deliver real benefits for Washington investors.

Some of the most important benefits of choosing an alternative lending company for your commercial real estate loans in Washington include faster processing, increased flexibility and reduced paperwork requirements for these financial transactions:

It is usually easier to qualify for alternative loans than for lending arrangements offered by traditional lenders. This can significantly improve your ability to obtain the funding you need for new acquisitions, renovations, and other real estate investments.

Alternative lenders require less paperwork and offer a more streamlined documentation process for your commercial real estate lending arrangement in the state of Washington.

The technological tools used by alternative loan companies can speed up processing for your loan application and can often put money in your hands within days or weeks. By contrast, traditional lenders can take months to make a decision and to disburse funds for your commercial real estate transactions in Washington State.

opens in a new windowAlternative lenders can design a loan customized to suit your needs and provide you with the most cost-effective and practical solutions for your commercial real estate lending requirements.

Multi-tenant with Highway Exposure in Port Angeles, WA.

  • Loan Amount: * $350,000
  • Rate:  * %11.14 Adjustable
  • Value: * $970,000
  • Term:  * 15 Year fully amortizing
  • Lien Position: * First


Loan Amount: * $725,000.00 Rate: * 9.50% Appraisal Value: * $ 1,850,000.00 Term: * 24 months, IO Lien Position: * First Our Borrower was involved in a 1031 exchange and running out of time. Our loan will be paid off thru sales of other real estate...

If you have had credit problems, alternative lenders can deliver the right solutions for your investment needs.

The added flexibility offered by alternative lending companies can be especially important if you have had credit issues in the past or if you are relatively new to the real estate investment field. Even if you have been turned down for traditional loans because of cash flow problems or insufficient credit history, your alternative lender can often provide the funding you need to succeed in the real estate investment field.

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